Boat shed consents

Boat sheds are normally used to store boats and their associated equipment.

The rules

Any sort of building on the foreshore restricts public access to, and along, that piece of coast. Our Regional Plan: Coast for Otago has rules in place to protect the cultural, natural and amenity values of the coastal marine environment. These rules mean you may have to get a resource consent (also known as a coastal permit) for the use, development and occupation of any structure (including boat sheds) anywhere in the coastal marine. Some signs and discharging contaminated water or waste to the coastal marine area may also require resource consent.

A resource consent gives boat shed owners:

  • A legal right to use the boat shed and the foreshore and seabed upon which it sits
  • Adds value to the boat shed should the owner wish to sell

Purchasing a boat shed

The sale and purchase of boat sheds is a civil matter, and not something we are involved in. However, if you are purchasing a boat shed you will want to ensure that any associated coastal permits are transferred into your name.  

Transferring permit ownership

To transfer a coastal permit to a new permit holder you will need to complete a “Notice of Transfer of Holder of Permit” form which can be found on our website on the “Ready to apply page”.

This application can be submitted to

The deposit fee for the transfer of a consent is $200 and information on how to pay this is can be found here.

Conditions of consent

Coastal permits often come with conditions attached to them. It is important to read and understand these conditions. The holder of a coastal permit is responsible for ensuring that all conditions are complied with.

Compliance monitoring

We are responsible for monitoring compliance with coastal permit conditions. Our Compliance Team will work with you to help ensure you comply with the conditions of the coastal permit for your boat shed.

A one-off compliance administration fee of $150 will be charged on all new applications. This covers the cost of compliance monitoring systems.

Expiry of Consent

There will be an expiry date on your coastal permit. If you wish to continue to occupy the coastal marine area with your boat shed after the expiry date, you should apply to replace your coastal permit at least six months before that date.

Applying for a replacement consent

In order to replace a coastal permit to occupy the marine coastal area you will need to apply for a new coastal permit.

The application forms used to apply for a coastal permit for a boat shed can found here.

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