Land and Water Regional Plan

Addressing the challenge

In 2019, the Minister for the Environment told us we could do better to manage Otago's lakes, rivers and streams and directed us to prepare a new regional policy statement and land and water plan by the end of 2023.

We are now developing a plan to set new rules and regulations on how we as a community do this. Mana whenua, the kaitiaki of our land, has joined us in this journey.

This new plan will align with the Government goal to improve water quality within one generation.


Why should you care?

In short, the new plan will become a powerful planning tool to manage land and waterways in the region.

We now need to further kōrero with the people and communities who use and care about Otago’s lakes, rivers and streams – those who rely on it for their everyday environmental, cultural, social and economic well-being - to tell us how they want this taoka (treasure) to be managed.


Moke Lake



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