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This system gives you the latest environmental data, such as water levels, rainfall, flow, temperature and much more. More quality data means you will be able to make better decisions. With this portal you are able to:

  • Explore more than 350 monitored sites
  • Easily find, view and interact with maps and tables
  • See all available historical data
  • Download data so you can view it offline anytime, anywhere




Watch a recent webinar introducing the Environmental Data Portal.



Frequently asked questions


The Otago Regional Council is switching to a new Environmental Data Portal (EDP) which offers much more information than its current website. 

The portal will collate data from more than 250 monitoring sites around Otago and replace the existing flood and low flow warning sites currently available on the website. 

The new system provides access to a user-friendly map which includes improved context of what is happening across the region, plus the ability to view and download historical data.

In some cases that means access to up to 80 years of data.

The ability to access more comprehensive, up-to-date data, combined with an improved interface, means a much better user experience for people needing information on rainfall and river flow or levels.

Both the current website and the new portal will be available until the older web pages are switched off later in 2023. 

We encourage those who use the current website to transition to the new system by beginning to familiarise themselves with the portal now.

You can easily update your bookmarks or favourites by replacing it with the same location on the new portal.

Simply navigate to the location page on the EDP and add it to your bookmarks or favourites.

The following assistance is available on the EDP:

  • A comprehensive training guide, in the form of a PDF
  • A short training video
  • A Data Grade and Approval Level Guide, in the form of a PDF
  • Watch the webinar video introducing the EDP:


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