Spiny broom

Common names: Spiny broom

Botanical name: Calicotome spinosa

Management programme: Eradication


Why is it a pest?

Spiny broom is an invasive plant that can quickly take over farmland or disrupt indigenous ecosystems. It is included in the pest plan to prevent impacts on conservation values.


What does it look like?

Spiny broom is a spiny shrub with a lot of branches and is usually under 3m tall. It has ridged stems with sharp spines. It has dark or grey-green leaves, with three leaflets that are hairy underneath and may occur in clusters. It has bright yellow flowers followed by flattened seedpods.

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What are the rules?

There are no rules relating to spiny broom in our pest plan. Over the life of the plan (10 years), the goal is to get rid of all spiny broom in Otago, to prevent negative effects on economic well-being and environmental values.



Eradication programme

The eradication programme aims to get rid of all of these pests in Otago.





How will we achieve that?

ORC is responsible for controlling any spiny broom. We are aware of three areas of interest in the Waihola, Chain Hills and Brighton areas where we are undertaking regular surveillance and working to bring populations to zero density. Please let us know if you think you have spotted spiny broom by calling us on 0800 474 082 or emailing biosecurity@orc.govt.nz.                        



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