Flood Protection and River Management

ORC owns and manages flood protection and drainage assets across Otago to protect our local communities from experiencing the full extent of damaging flood events.  


ORC provides flood protection and land drainage to approximately 43,000ha rural and urban land in Otago. Our flood protection assets include over 200km of floodbanks, 12 pumping stations, 55 bridges, culverts and various other assets. We also own and manage a total of 7 flood protection and/or drainage schemes.

ORC manages flood protection and drainage infrastructure in the following areas: 


What is a flood protection and drainage scheme?

Flood protection and drainage schemes are designed to protect people and minimise damage to property, livestock and infrastructure from flood events. These schemes typically include floodbanks, drainage pumps, ponding areas, gravity gates and floodways.


Why do we need flood protection and drainage schemes?

Many of our communities are located in low-lying areas close to rivers with risks of flooding. ORC's flood protection and drainage schemes help to protect people and their livelihoods, including their homes, businesses and transport routes.


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