Freshwater Farm Plans

The Government is developing the requirements for these, so it’s a good time to start preparing.

Additional farm requirements for freshwater will include:

  • A farm map identifying features such as waterways, critical source (discharge of contaminant) areas, highly erosion-prone areas, and other risks to the health of the freshwater ecosystem
  • A risk assessment for activities including irrigation, application of nutrients and effluent, winter grazing, stock-holding areas, stock exclusion, offal pits and farm rubbish pits
  • A schedule of actions to manage identified features and address risks

More about freshwater farm plans


Frequently Asked Questions

Will local assessors for farm management plans be crucial?

Under the Resource Management Act, regional councils may have the ability to appoint certifiers and auditors for freshwater farm plans. However, a process for doing this has not yet been developed.

Is there a process for appeals when there’s a disagreement over farm management plans between farmers and assessors?

The regulations for farm plans is under development, so no decision has been made yet about what the process for assessing farm management plans will be.

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