Resource Consents

A resource consent enables you to carry out an activity that you would otherwise be unable to do. There are national and regional rules for undertaking certain activities, and sometimes this means you need a consent. Obtaining a resource consent will provide you with certainty that you can do an activity.  

Resource consents are issued under the Resource Management Act 1991 and help ensure that any effect on the environment is managed sustainably. There is a set process, with set timeframes that Councils need to follow.

A consent is required if you wish to do something that is not permitted by district or regional plans. As part of this work, we provide advice and information to resource users, and participate in consent appeals and objections to provide a regional perspective on acceptable environmental outcomes.

We are available to guide you through this process and provide tips on how to make it a smooth experience. This can be done by contacting us at, or calling 0800 474 082.

The purpose of a resource consent is to put controls around activities that may have an effect on the environment. Consents must meet the requirements of:


Finding consents throughout the region

You can use our mapping tool (Otago Maps) to locate consents across Otago.


Stages of the Consents process

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