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Lakes Marina Projects Limited Application - RM14.026

The Otago Regional Council has received applications from Lakes Marina Projects Limited for resource consents related to the construction of a marina on Lake Wakatipu/Whakatipu-wai-maori. The applicant has applied for a term of 15 years.

Hearings were held on the 10th - 12th December 2014.

Below are the S42A reports for the Otago Regional Council and also the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

The following consents / permits are sought:

  • Application No: RM14.026.01 - Land Use consent application
    To disturb, reclaim, remove and place structures and deposit material on, over or under the bed of Lake Wakatipu/Whakatipu-wai-maori and Marina Creek, for the purpose of constructing a marina.
  • Application No: RM14.026.02 - Water Permit
    To permanently divert the flow of Marina Creek into a pipe for the purpose of constructing a marina.
  • Application No: RM14.026.03 - Discharge Permit
    To discharge sediment to water for the purpose of constructing a marina.


Application and appendices


Submissions received


Fulton Hogan Ltd - RM13.474 notified hearing

An application has been received from Fulton Hogan Ltd for consent to discharge contaminants, namely odour, to air for the purpose of operating a solar sludge drying facility.

The application was heard by a joint ORC/QLDC panel comprising Kevin Rolfe (Chair), David Whitney and John Lumsden. The hearing took place from 17 to 19 September 2014.

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