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Lakes Marina Projects Limited Application - RM14.026

The Otago Regional Council has received applications from Lakes Marina Projects Limited for resource consents related to the construction of a marina on Lake Wakatipu/Whakatipu-wai-maori. The applicant has applied for a term of 15 years. Hearings were held on the 10th - 12th December 2014. Read more

Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Limited Application - RM10.351

The Otago Regional Council has received applications from Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Limited for resource consents for various activities as part of the Macraes Phase III (MPIII) expansion at Macraes Flat, North Otago. These activities include: - Decommissioning of part of the Southern Pit Impoundment (SPI) tailings storage facility; - Decommissioning of the Mixed Tailings Impoundment (MTI) tailings storage facility and reutilising the structure as a reclaimed tailings stack; - Extension of the Round Hill – Southern Pit, which may result in the alteration of the MTI tailings dam/reclaimed rock stack; - Extension of Frasers Pit and the re-opening and extension of Innes Mills Pit; - Creation of the Back Road Rock Stack; - Extension of the Frasers North and South Rock Stacks; - Creation and operation of the Top Tipperary Tailings Storage Facility (TTTSF); and - Creation and operation of the Camp Creek freshwater dam. Read more

Port Otago Limited Application - RM10.193

The Otago Regional Council has received applications from Port Otago Limited for resource consent to: - Deepen, widen, and maintain the lower harbour channel; the swing area and Port Chalmers berths; and to allow the passage of larger ships to Port Chalmers; - dispose of the dredge spoil to sea, and; - extend the multi-purpose wharf and to construct a new fishing jetty at Port Chalmers. The applications were lodged on 26 May 2010 and were publicly notified on 19 June 2010. The submission period was extended to twice the usual period, and closed on 13 August 2010. The longer submission period recognised the scale and complexity of the activities for which conset is being sough. One hundred and ninety-eight submissions were received. Read more

Alliance Group Limited Application - RM09.424

Alliance Group Limited Application - RM09.424 - the decision on Discharge Permit Application RM 2009.424 can be viewed on this page. Read more

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