You can go anywhere on the Queenstown network for just $2 with a Bee Card, plus you’ll get a free 45-minute transfer.

Click here to find out more about the Bee Cardor scroll down.

You can get a Bee Card from your bus driver or at the Otago Regional Council office in Frankton for $5.

You don’t need a Bee Card to take the bus, but it is cheaper when you have one

You can pay for your fare with cash. 

There is only one zone so it's $2 everywhere. 




With the Bee Card

With cash

(please note, you can only pay with cash on the buses; airport charges differ)




If you are travelling to/from the airport on route 1, the fare is $10.

Child (5-18 years)*


If you are travelling to/from the airport on route 1, the fare is $8.

Child (under 5)



65+ with a SuperGold card holder**

$2 Peak Travel fare applies, otherwise free of charge. 

 $4 at all times.

If you are travelling to/from the airport on route 1, the fare is $10 at all times.

Fares are subject to change. This page will be updated if fares change. 


If you’re 5-18 years old or a SuperGold card holder, you will need to register your Bee Card to get the discounted concessionary fare.

To get a concession you need to register your Bee Card and input your birthdate at www.beecard.co.nz. We can help you register the card and load your concession at our offices located at Terrace Junction, Level 2, 1092 Frankton Road, Queenstown. You can also call us on 0800 ORBUSQT (0800 672 8778). 

Once it’s on there, you won’t need to show the driver your ID or SuperGold card. You just tag on and off, and the system will recognise your concession discount.

** Supergolds

The peak travel fare with a SuperGold loaded Bee Card will be $2 per adult one-way in Queenstown.

The peak times are from the first service until 9am and from 3pm to 6:30 pm on weekdays. Outside of those times, passengers travelling with a SuperGold loaded Bee Card will be free of charge.

Normal adult charges apply during peak travel. 

the Bee Cards 

Bee Cards are a great way to get the most out of your journey – you pay less than a cash fare and get a free transfer within 45 minutes of getting off.   


There’s no need to let your driver know you’re transferring. If you follow these steps everything should go smoothly: 

Step one: Tag onto your first bus 

Step two:Tag off your first bus 

Step three: Tag onto your next bus within 45 minutes of tagging off the first bus 

Step four:Tag off your second bus to close the transaction 


Get your Card from: 

  • Your driver (CASH only)
  • Otago Regional office in Queenstown at; 
    • Terrace Junction, level 1, 1092 Frankton Road

Use of Bee Card is subject to standard terms and conditions available here. 


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