Moreau St diversion for 44/55

Valid from Friday, May 14, 2021 6:00 AM

A work site at the corner of Moreau Street and Victoria Road will affect the St Kilda buses (Numbers 44 and 55) from 11am today until approximately mid-June. While the work is undertaken, bus numbers 44 and 55 heading to St Kilda will take a detour. The bus will turn right from Moreau Street onto Richardson Street, left onto Plunket Street, left onto Victoria Road and continue on Victoria Road to the terminus.  No bus stops will be missed and this is not expected to cause any delays.  

Please note, buses no longer run along East Ave and instead turn onto Moreau Street where there is a temporary stop on the corner of Bellona Street and Moreau Street. 

Diversion on Moreau Street

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