Bee Card, the smart travel card



Catching the bus, ferry and train with the Bee Card is simple and cheap

Benefits of a REGISTERED Bee Card

  • Cheaper fares on Orbus
  • A simple tag-on and tag-off system
  • Register your card to manage your own travel including:
    • Get a concession (youths and SuperGold)
    • Online balance checking
    • Topping up online, including setting up an auto top up
    • Manage more than one Bee Card with a linked account, for example topping up your children’s card.
  • Valid across nine regions in New Zealand (excluding specific concessions and multi-trip products)
  • Improved bus transfer processing (free transfers within a 45 minutes window)
  • Better travel demand management 
  • Easy replacement of lost or stolen cards

You can go to an ORC office or a Bee Card retailer to buy a Bee Card, or ask your bus driver to purchase one (cash only if buying from the bus). You can also order a Bee Card online. remember to register it by going online here.

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