Community consultation

Regional Councils are required to involve communities and Tangata Whenua when developing the land and water regional plan.


Hugo at Outram Glen


The three rounds of consultation being held across Otago:


Community consultation round one

(November 2021 – March 2022)

We asked what values are important to communities for their local rivers, lakes and streams and held discussions about their characteristics (to inform the setting of environmental outcomes).


Community consultation round two

(October – December 2022)

Present environmental outcomes and discuss management options to achieve these.


Community consultation round three

(Early 2023)

Presenting a preferred management option and discussions about implementation and transition to a new regime.


Why should you care? 

The new plan will become a powerful planning tool to manage land and waterways in the region. It will bring change in the status quo, and this will affect people. When the impacts of the new plan start to be felt in the years ahead, you want to feel as though you know it, and you contributed to it. 

The Otago Region has some amazing natural landscapes and resources, and water is a critical aspect of that uniqueness. Water resources in Otago could be better. Taking action now provides a new planning framework for the future and gives generational certainty around outcomes. So get involved! 

The big picture – find out how what we do in Otago fits in with the rest of NZ. 


What’s next? 

Feedback from rounds one and two will help draft options for managing land and freshwater that might include minimum flows and levels, allocation limits, ensuring flow variability, enabling resilience, efficiency standards for diverse water uses and ways to avoid or reduce over-allocation of water. 

These will be FMU/rohe specific and will be presented when we return for consultation in 2023. Your input into this consultation is critical. 

In late 2023 the proposed plan will be released for public consultation. You will then have another opportunity to provide feedback on this planning framework. 


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