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Roxburgh Rohe

We’re developing a new Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP), including specific rules and limits on water and land use in your FMU/rohe.  

We will be in your area in March 2022 to meet with your community and we'd love to hear what you want to achieve for land and water resources in your area. 

In this first stage of consultation, we’re keen to learn what you know about your catchment, and to share what we know from the science. We will then have group discussions about options for managing freshwater and land in your area. 


Next steps

There will be follow-up meetings in June 2022 and October 2022, when ORC and Kāi Tahu will present and discuss a preferred approach to water and land management with you. Check back here for meeting details nearer the time. You will also be able to give input online. 

The preferred approach will then be drafted into the FMU and rohe chapters of the proposed Land and Water Regional Plan. Once this is notified, you can make a submission saying what they like or how it can be improved. 


Consultation timeline

Otago Regional Council Land and Water Regional Plan Roxburgh consultation timeline

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  • Confirm values and discuss their characteristics (to inform the setting of environmental outcomes).
  • Present environmental outcomes and management options to achieve these.
  • Present and discuss a preferred management option.
  • The whole LWRP will be notified and the public can make submissions.


About the area

Map showing the boundaries of the Roxburgh Rohe

Map showing the boundaries of the Roxburgh Rohe

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The Roxburgh Rohe extends from Clyde Dam to Lake Onslow, encompassing the Clyde and Alexandra urban settlements. Fraser River (The Earnscleugh) and Teviot River both run through the Rohe, feeding into the Clutha/Mata-Au. Lake Roxburgh is situated roughly in the middle of the Rohe, and Fraser Dam is located in the north.

The Clutha Mata-au River is important in Kāi Tahu traditions and history and there is an ongoing relationship of mana whenua with wāhi tupuna and mahika kai values. There are galaxiids in the area, along with wetlands and landscapes with high natural character.   


Science summary

The Roxburgh Rohe has generally very good water quality, and the Clutha Mata-Au between Clyde and Roxburgh has excellent water quality. The tributaries generally have excellent water quality in their upper reaches with only minor degradation as they flow through more intensive landscapes.

Lake Onslow has excellent water quality with low nutrient concentrations. This flows into the Teviot River which also has excellent water quality.

Economic summary

The area has many hydro-dams and power stations, including Roxburgh Dam, Clyde Dam and Fraser Dam. Main industries include farming, mining, orchards, tourism (cycling and walking trails, fishing, wine tours etc), and vineyards. There are high historic values in this area including historical buildings and remnants from gold mining.


How can you stay up-to-date?

We’ll be sharing project updates and information on this webpage and in our monthly newsletter On-Streamsign up here.

Contact ORC at customerservices@orc.govt.nz or 0800 474 082.

You can also contact your local ORC councillor here.

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