Otago Kea Crew

The kea is bold, strong and curious, which is why the kea was chosen to be the face of our kid's page.

The kea is the world's only mountain parrot, and the South Island of New Zealand is only place you'll find a wild kea. So we think kea are pretty special!

Kea are very intelligent, in fact some scientists claim the kea is just as smart as a 4-year-old child! They have been known to solve puzzles to get their food and have been seen using tools, like sharpening sticks with their beaks to pry things open. 

Kea are very curious and cheeky, they've been caught pulling rubber off car window frames in search of food.

But kea numbers are dwindling fast and there are less than 5,000 kea in the wild.

We think this beautiful bird deserves to lead our Kea Crew! So let's learn like the kea and get curious!




Fun facts about the kea

  • The word kea is used for both plural or singular. But a group of kea together is called a circus of kea - no wonder some call them the clown of the mountain.

  • Between 1967 and 1992 an image of the kea featured on the NZD$10 note.

  • The kea is a protected bird due to low numbers in the wild.

  • The kea was named the New Zealand bird of the year in 2017.

  • Feeding the kea can be harmful so it's important you don't feed it if you see one.

Found out more about this amazing bird here.


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