Meet the people who work at ORC 

We are proud of the talented people working here at ORC - people who want a career where they can help look after our environment every day.



Meet Lauren, one of our Environmental Data Officer for air and climate.

On average we breathe in and out around 17,000 to 22,000 times each day. It is just one way our incredible bodies keep us alive. But did you know things in the air can have an affect on the quality of the air we breathe? The quality of the air can also affect our health as well as our environment. 

There are tiny things in the air called particulates and these contain things like dust, pollen, smoke, liquids, gases and many other solids and liquids. The amount and concentration levels of these particulates in the air can have a negative effect on us and our environment.

Have you been near a car when it starts its engine or a chimney that may not be as clean as it could be? You may smell the fumes from the car exhaust or smoke from the chimney. These release particulates that hang out in the air we breathe, and everything we breathe goes into our body and our lungs.

We spent the day with Lauren, one of our senior environmental technicians, and her passion for Otago's air quality is contagious. 

For more information about the data that is collected to help understand air quality, water quality and water quantity you can visit LAWA. There is also more information about Otago's air on our air page.


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