Kererū maze

Help the kererū safely navigate through the maze, but beware of the predators along the way!

Kererū can only be found in New Zealand and their numbers are slowly going down. Kererū are essential for seed dispersal because they have the widest mouths of any native New Zealand bird, meaning they can eat larger berries spreading those seeds far and wide.

Let's learn about their predators

Rats can smell the strong scent of a kererū, making them easy prey for this sharp-nosed predator.

Mustelids is the name used for stoats, ferrets and weasels. These predators will sniff kererū out and eat the eggs straight out of the kererū nest or attack adult kererū.

Possums compete with adult kererū for food like leaves, flowers and berries. They also destroy this bird’s natural home in the trees by eating new shoots.

Cats, like mustelids, will attack adult kererū.

Now you have all the information you need to help the kererū safely through the maze - Good Luck!

Download a copy of the maze here!

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