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Bird feeders

We are so lucky here in Otago to have some amazing native birds and many that will visit our backyard.

Did you know there are certain things you should not feed birds? Things like milk or honey are not good for birds and should be avoided.

Over winter when food might be harder for birds to find, you can help them out by making a bird feeder. In summer when it's warmer it's a great idea to give them some water in case they get thirsty. But remember to make sure it's kept out of reach from your pets and your neighbour's cat! 

Check out the Forest and Bird website for some great ideas for feeding birds at home.



Source: Aspiring Biodiversity Trust

Source: Aspiring Biodiversity Trust

Backyard biodiversity

Biodiversity is important in all habitats to promote a healthy ecosystem. Have a look at the different plants, trees, insects and other living creatures in your backyard. 

There are ways we can help promote biodiversity at home by planting native plants and seeds that attract bees, butterflies and other insects. There are weeds in our garden too; these are plants that are growing in the wrong place. They can grow over other plants and trees and take up precious space and nutrients. Give your plants a helping hand by removing the unwanted weeds. Don't forget to ask a grown up for help to identify weeds before you pull them out. 

Another great idea that's fun too is to make some seed bombs. Check out our step-by-step instructions here.

Rubbish rescue

If rubbish is not disposed of correctly it can end up in places it shouldn't be, like the side of the road, the beach, our waterways or in our native bush. Not only does it look untidy but rubbish can be dangerous for our wildlife and sea life.

Check out your local council website for details about correct disposal of your household rubbish. 

Why not see how much rubbish you can pick up on your next walk or trip to the beach?

Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.

School rubbish collection day

School rubbish collection day

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