Flood Repair Programme


Following a flood event ORC’s Flood Protection, Drainage and River Management function is required to identify and prioritise damage and communicate a repair programme with affected communities within three months of the event.

September 2023

Between the 21st – 22nd of September 2023, there was a rainfall event that largely impacted Central Otago and the upper catchments on Otago’s rivers.


July 2023

In July and August 2022, there were four successive rainfall events that impacted on Otago’s rivers and flood protection and drainage schemes:

  • 12-14 July 2022 (Dunedin and Coastal Otago)
  • 17-20 July 2022 (Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes)
  • 25-29 July 2022 (Dunedin and Coastal Otago)
  • 5-8 August 2022 (Headwaters of the Queenstown Lakes, impacting the Lower Clutha Flood Protection and Drainage Scheme)

Damage assessments are undertaken once water levels subside, and the successive nature of this event sequence meant that a full damage assessment could not be completed until a reduction in river flows after the last rainfall event of the sequence (i.e., after 8 August).


View the map depicting damage identified and the repair programme from this event sequence.

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